Sinopec leaders came to Tianxing Company for cooperation inspection

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2024-03-06 14:04

  At the beginning of 2009, Chen Qun of Sinopec Lubricant Materials and Equipment Department and Liu Gong, Zhu Gong and Li Gong of the Technical Development Department of Sinopec Lubricating Oil Tianjin Branch made a special trip to our company for cooperation inspection and guidance.
  Sinopec Lubricant Company is a direct subsidiary of Sinopec and is the largest professional lubricants production and sales group in China. Products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, electronics and other fields. In 2003, Changcheng Lubricants provided lubrication guarantee for the successful flight of “Shenzhou V” and became the first choice for large group companies such as China FAW, Dongfeng, Shanghai Volkswagen and Baosteel. Oil products. Sinopec Lubricants Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of China's lubricants industry and actively participates in international competition. This cooperation visit is a new initiative to seek long-term cooperation with relevant industries and seek common development and progress.
  We are a professional manufacturer of castor oil in China. Castor oil has high viscosity and low freezing point. It is resistant to severe cold and high temperature. It does not freeze at -8~10°C. It does not solidify and denature at 500~600°C. It has the characteristics of other oils and is the raw material for producing high-grade lubricating oil. Our group company is one of Sinopec lubricant raw material suppliers. The four experts interviewed mainly conducted assessment and review of the oil extraction workshop, the 12-hydroxyl workshop and the azelaic acid workshop. From raw material supply to process flow, from safe production to environmental protection, from factory appearance to enterprise management, we have carefully and carefully studied and inspected. During the period, they used their dedicated work attitude and rigorous working methods to communicate and communicate with the frontline staff of our company's workshops. At the same time, they made good comments and suggestions based on the differences between our company and Sinopec in handling the unified work. The cooperation space put forward requirements and opinions.
  Through two days of investigation, the leaders of Sinopec fully affirmed the work done by our company in terms of product quality, and felt comfortable and satisfied with the production process and product quality of its raw materials supply. This inspection is not only the strict control of Sinopec's raw materials, but also a major test of the quality of our products.

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