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Warmly celebrate the smooth start of Jilin Xingjian Company

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On December 12th, 2011, the ceremony of the launching of Jilin Xingjian Ramie Development Co., Ltd. was held in the hall of the government of Weinan City, Jilin Province,
  On December 12th, 2011, the ceremony of the launching of Jilin Xingjian Ramie Development Co., Ltd. was held in the hall of the government of Weinan City, Jilin Province, which marked the once-leading development of Tianxing Group, the leading enterprise in the domestic ramie industry.
  On the morning of December 12th, the customer group departed from Baicheng Hotel and arrived at the Auditorium of Weinan City Government on time before 8:30. In the government hall, the crowds are crowded and lively. Baicheng government leaders and leaders of Weinan City Government, as well as senior leaders of Huai Dong, Zhao Zong and other invited enterprises, local counterparts and customers gathered together to participate in the “Jilin Xingjian Ramie Development Co., Ltd. Production Ceremony”. After the speech by Mayor Meng, Step by Secretary, Huai Dong, President Hu Guosheng and other important speeches were full of hope for the development prospects of Jilin Xingjian Company, expressing blessings for the company and embarrassment for the future. The speech was stirred up from time to time. applause.
  After the ceremony, under the leadership of leaders at all levels of the government, the mighty team sailed to Jilin Xingjian Company to visit the company's production and operation. The tall rainbow gate of Xingjian's factory is standing in the wind. The huge hydrogen balloon, the floating ball, the large banner and so on are swaying in the wind. The guests who come to visit Jilin to visit are often beckoning. At this time, slowly walked to the 11th hostesses, holding the colorful silk flowers, welcome the government leaders and Huai Dong to cut the ribbon. At 10:28, the ribbon-cutting ceremony officially began. In the order from east to west, Huai Dong took the lead in cutting the ribbon. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the factory heard thunderous applause. The fireworks danced in the air and fell down. It was already prepared. Good "opening the door, the god of wealth" and so on, the firecrackers are screaming, deafening.
  We finally waited for the moment when Jilin Xingjian went into production smoothly. This moment is the result of the concerted efforts of all Tianxing people. The Tianxing people present were filled with tears. Good things and more grinding, I recall that Jilin Xingjian people have experienced a long rainy season in the past six months. After going through the cold winter, the office and dormitory have no heating. The sweat of employees’ hard work has been scattered in every corner of the enterprise. At this moment, the heart is long-term. The accumulated pressure was finally released in an instant, and finally I could scream in the sky, comfortably bring the wine to the wind, and sleep beautifully.
  After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, under the leadership of Huai Dong and Hou, the government leaders and guests visited our company's raw material warehouse, oil press workshop, refining workshop and leaching workshop. The staff, under the leadership of General Li, wore new clothes. Blue tooling, busy in the workshop. Seeing that the new machine was rumbling, the workshop was being produced in an orderly manner, and government leaders and guests praised it from time to time.
  At 11 am, government leaders and guests went to the hotel. In the toast, Huai Dong expressed warm welcome to the Weinan Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government, various functional departments and colleagues from all walks of life to attend the celebration of the Jilin Xingjian Company. He gave long-term support to the leaders of Baicheng City and Weinan City and the help of colleagues from all walks of life. Express thankfulness. The construction company is committed to the mission of “being aspirations and being a leader in the global ramie industry”. In the future, we need to cooperate sincerely and help each other. Huai Dong’s speech pushed the banquet to a climax.
  Do not seek for the world, not for a moment; do not seek the overall situation, not enough to seek a domain. The commissioning operation of Jilin Xingjian Co., Ltd. marks that Tianxing Biotech Co., Ltd. has its own raw material base in the main castor production area in the north, and has taken a big step into the main raw material production area of ​​the country. From today, Jilin Xingjian Company officially entered the operational track and will face the turbulent market in the future. Let us grow quickly, let us sail and sail in the sea of ​​business.